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Welcome to the Dead Seconds Society.

George Daniels once wrote that "we may look at watchmaking through a scientific, intellectual or aesthetic perspective, for watches combine these three aspects to a degree depending upon their maker´s interest". But Daniels forgot to mention another very particular and important aspect that, during his lifetime, was already a powerful motive to surrender soul and sanity to the wonders of mechanical timekeepers: the pleasure of sharing the Art and its secrets with like-minded people.

The Society's purpose is to fulfil this essential fourth perspective Daniels inadvertently forgot to mention. A collective body of simple admirers of the Art, enthusiasts or seasoned collectors, fascinated by the wonders of mechanical watchmaking and willing to gather informally at the end of each month in a secret location.

A place where all watches and their stories, may they represent the long-established names of the industry, the independent watchmaker or emerge from the glorious past that made mechanical watchmaking what it is today, can be shared with friends over a drink... or two.